The USA Lab 25lb Solvent Tank has a 4″ Tri-clamp opening with a 1/2″ FNPT dip tube attached, allowing for easy clean out. The vessel also has 2x 1/2″ FNPT and 1x 1/4″ FNPT connections for maximum versatility. Each tank comes with a 14″ Saftey Ring to prevent any damage occurring to the unit and connections as well as a crush proof base.


Material: 304 Stainless

Size: 25lb of Water | 12.4lb of Butane | 11.3L of Water

Top TC Connections: 4″
Tri-Clamp with 1/2″ FNPT Dip Tube

Top Connections: (2x
1/2″ FNPT) (1x 1/4″ FNPT) ( 1x 2″ SightGlass)

Exterior Dimensions:
14″ L x 14″ W x 17″ H

•Protection: 14″ Top Safety Ring and Crush Proof Bottom ring

Weight: 25 lbs

This unit comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 1 year warranty

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