CF1200 series muffle furnaces feature the famous Kanthal(Sweden) spiral wire coils embedded in Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality alumina fiber insulation. A double walled steel internal housing helps minimize heat loss to exterior surface.

Furnace operation is controlled by Shimaden (Japan) 40-segment digital controller with built-in RS485 digital communications port and USB adaptor, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the furnace. You can also save or export test results.


  • Microprocessor based self-tuning PID control provides optimum thermal process with minimal overshoot.
  • Built-in ammeter and dual voltmeters for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Built-in computer interface.
  • Long life type K thermocouple.
  • CE compliant


  • Overheat protection shuts down the furnace if temperature is outside of acceptable range (refer to controller’s manual) or when the thermocouple is broken or malfunctions.
  • Power failure protection resumes furnace operation right after the point of failure when power is reestablished.


 Electrical requirements  208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
 Min. working temperature  Ambient
 Max. working temperature
 1200°C (2192°F)
 Max. constant working temperature  1100°C (2012°F)
 Refractory lining
 Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality 1500 grade fiber alumina
 Heating element type
 Kanthal (Sweden) resistance coil wire
 Thermocouple type
 Temperature controller
 Shimaden fp93 (Japan) with 4 programs and 40 segments
 (ie. 4 x 10 segments or 2 x 20 segments)
 Max heating / cooling rate
 < 15°C (59°F) / min
 Temperature accuracy
 +/- 1°C

 UL/CSA (optional), CE


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Size comparison

 Chamber size (DxWxH)
 12x8x8″  16x12x12″
 Usable chamber space (DxWxH)  10x7x7″  14x11x11″
 Chamber capacity (cu ft)  0.44  1.33
 Maximum output  4 kW  9 kW
 Furnace dimensions (LxWxH)  22x25x34″  26x29x39″
 Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)  28x28x36″  34x37x46″
 Unit/shipping weight (Lb)  530/620  600/700

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Standard Package

Part description    



Part image 

 CF1200 muffle furnace
 1 pc

 Type K thermocouple
 1 pc

 Stainless steel tongs
 1 pc

 Alumina thermal cushion block
 1 pc

 Thermal gloves  1 pair

 Spare fuse 2 pcs

 USB/RS485 computer interface kit  1 set

 Furnace operation manual  1 pc

 Shimaden fp93 temperature controller manual & software   1 pc