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Best Value Vacs 5gvac Vacuum and Degassing Chambers, 5 gal Capacity

Product Details

  • The components of this chamber are rated at higher temperatures however as a vacuum vessel we Limit maximum operational temperature to 160 F
  • Every chamber is tested prior to P to lose No more than 2.5H g/24 Hrs.
  • Chambers are NOT compatible with stabilization resin (I.E. Cactus juice, gator venom, minwax etc.), alcohol, ethanol, acetone and acrylic based monomers or polymers
  • The lid may only be cleaned with soapy water

This Chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. The gasket itself is reversible (doubling the life of our system) allowing customers to instantly take it off and Flip it over. No adhesives are used! our simple gasket design even allows you to place the Lid on the Chamber somewhat off center and still pull a full vacuum. This is a feature that most other vacuum Chambers do not offer. The maximum allowed temperature of this Chamber is 160 F. This Kit includes aluminum Chamber, industrial grade silicone gasket (gasket can withstand 390 degree F Max Temp,; – 60a durometer density), Glycerin filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival) (Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level), leak free nickel plated air manifold (vacuum release Valve and vacuum connect Valve), 1/4 female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum hose, 5 ft clear steel reinforced vacuum hose, 8 inch x 8 inch Platinum cured silicone Non stick vac-pad and 50 micron air Filter.