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Payment via PayPal only is expected within 24 hours of purchase or invoice to ensure prompt packaging and shipping. If PayPal is not possible, please inquire through the eBay message service.

Items ship according to the options set under the Shipping and Payments tab. When purchasing multiple items, please use the eBay Shopping Cart to automatically combine shipping and save. Expedited shipping is available; please inquire.
Return Policy

Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase for all items offered by Biotech Bargains. In the case of an item that does not match the description or is otherwise faulty, return shipping will be provided. All other returns must be shipped back at the expense of the buyer.
About Us

Biotech Bargains specializes in the great prices on new and used laboratory glassware, consumables and equipment. We operate eBay stores out of Connecticut (biotechct) and Calilfornia (biotechca). Thanks for checking us out!

ADAMS & CHITTENDEN Cold Trap Dry Ice Assembly C Condenser for Buchi Rotavapor

Great used condition. No cracks or chips. Not plastic-coated. Includes outer body, inner body, PTFE/Viton seal, and glass stopcock plug.

$5 Maximum Shipping Rate on All Domestic Orders! Use eBay Shopping Cart to combine items from multiple listings.

Used glassware will show signs of wear sometimes including residue, light scratches, stickers/tape or exterior markings. Thorough cleaning and sterilization are recommended before use.  

This product can NOT be intended for use in either human or animal food manufacturing processes or related purposes.

In the case of multiple quantity listings, the pictured item represents the worst condition of available items. 

Thanks for looking!

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