lab1st MD-80 3” wiped film evaporator short path distillation turnkey package


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Product Description

LAB1ST Scientific is now offering turnkey packages for wiped film molecular distillation units, including the evaporator, vacuum pump, heaters, chillers and necessary feeding/receiving equipments. The wiped film molecular distillation unit is superior than traditional short path distillation kit by shorter residence time, lower separation temperature, capability of continuous and unattended operation. The units are available in various sizes (from 60mm diameter to 200mm or more), with processing speed starting from 250g/hour.

Read before placing order:

  • This item will be shipped via DHL/UPS Express,or air/sea transportation, which takes about 5 days from Shanghai to US by express or air transportation,30 days by sea transporation.We need about 2-3 weeks to prepare shipment.
  • There might be a small amount of customs duty tax, which will be paid by the buyer.
  • The shipping cost in this listing is valid for customers in US or West Europe. Customers in other parts of the world please contact us before placing order.

Product Features 

  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass design for a perfect view on the separation process.
  • Short residence time(separation is finished in seconds, instead of hours.)
  • The very low operating pressure ensure very low distillation temperature  and therefore a very gentle distillation is possible.
  • Turkey package which is plug-and-play, technical supports available.
  • The system can be upgraded for continuous distillation process.
  • Industrial grade(>=200mm) products are available upon request.

Product Technial Datas:

Effective evaporation area (m2)
Barrel diameter (mm)6080100150200
Feeding funnel volume(L)11.5225
Feed rate(g/hr)250-500500-750750-15001500-30003000-5000
Motor power (W)90120120120200
Maximum speed (rpm)0-5000-5000-5000-5000-500
Distillate receiving flask(L)11235
Recycle receiving flask(L)11235
Operation TemperatureUp to 200 ℃Up to 200 ℃Up to 200 ℃Up to 200 ℃Up to 200 ℃

Related Products Specifications:
Low -temperature cooling circulator for external condenser 

Reservoir Volume15L
Temperature Range-5~95 ℃
Temperature Accuracy± 0.1 ℃
Pump capacityMax:6 L/min
Electricity220V, Single-Phase
Circulating heater for feeding system
Bath Volume5L
Temperature Control RangeRT~300 ℃
Temperature Accuracy± 0.2 ℃
Heating Power1.6KW
Circulate Flow Rate8L/min
Running PipingStainless Steel

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Model UV-9
Pump speed 9CFM
Ultimate.partial pressure≤4X10-4 mbar
Allowable pressure of vapor25mbar
Oil consumption 1.5L
Rotating speed1420r/min
Motor power 0.55kw 0.7HP
Power supply single /3-phase

MD-80 Wiped Film Distillation SystemStandard Package

 PartsDescription Specifications
MD-80-JGBJacketed Glass Barrel with Internal Cooling CondenserDiameter: 80mm
Effective Evaporation Area: 0.1m2
Processing Rate: 500-750 gram/hour 
MD-80-FLJacketed Feeding Vessel with LidVolume: 1L
Number of Ports on the Lid: Three
Port Size: 24/40
Valve Material: PTFE
MD-80-DFDistilalte Receiving FlaskVolume: 1L
Port: Spherical Joint
MD-80-RFResidue Receiving FlaskVolume: 1L
Port: Spherical Joint
MD-80-CTCold TrapCold Trap with 1L Collection Flask
WiperWiperMaterial: Stainless Steel 316L
Blade Material: PTFE
Control SystemControl SystemDigital High Vacuum Gauge (0.01pa-1atm), Pirani Type
VFD Speed Controller for Stirring Motor, Motor Power:120W
Two Temperature Controllers for Heating Tapes
Electricity: 220V, single-phase, 1 kW total
Support FrameSupport FrameMaterial: Stainless Steel 304
GX-300-5Heating Circulator for Feeding VesselReservoir Volume: 5L
Temperature Range: RT-300℃
Pump Rate: 8L/min
Heating power: 1.6kW
Electricity: 220V
GX-300-10Heating Circulator for Jacketed Glass BarrelReservoir Volume: 10L
Temperature Range: RT-300℃
Pump Rate: 15L/min
Heating power: 2.1kW
Electricity: 220V
HC-100-5Heating/cooling Circulator for Internal CondenserReservoir Volume: 5L
Temperature Range: RT-100℃
Pump Rate: 15L/min
Heating Power: 1 kW
Compressor Power: 500 W
Power: 1.8kW
Electricity: 220V, single-phase
UltraVac Series
Vacuum PumpPump Rate: 9CFM
Oil Consumption:1.5L
Ultimate Partial Pressure: <4×10-4mbar
Rotating Speed: 1420r/min
Motor Power: 0.55kW, 0.7HP
Electricity: 220V, single or three phase
AccessoriesAccessoriesVacuum Tubes, Heating/Chilling Hoses, etc



Order Information


  • Please feel free to contact us via eBay message or email, and we will reply ASAP within 12 hours.

  • We accept payments in Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Please contact us if you need our W-9 information.
  • We ship worldwide. The shipping cost here is correct for customers in US only. Customers in all other countries please contact us for quote on shipping.
  • We ship via DHL or UPS from our warehouse in Shanghai. Please provide your phone number for successful delivery.
  • We are able to ship most of our standard products within 5 business days. Please contact us about lead time for customization.
  • If your package has clearly visible damages during shipment, please take photos for both the packaging and damaged product, have the driver document all damages, and contact us as soon as possible. We will file a claim with the shipping company. Please contact us within 7 days if any internal damages or malfunctions are found while you open the package and operate the product, we will send replacement for the damaged items.
  • If a package is not deliverable and returned to us, we will charge a restocking fee (typically 20% value). Please make sure you leave the correct shipping address, and pay attention to eBay messages after placing order. Tracking numbers will be uploaded right after shipment.
  • We have our money back guarantee on all our products.
  • The products can be shipped back to our warehouse in California or Shanghai.
  • Please return the product within 14 days in the original packaging and unused condition. This includes all accessories, user manuals, original packing, etc. For non-defective items returned, the buyer will be responsible for the initial and return shipping. Please make sure you contact us for detailed instructions before you sent it back, otherwise the package will be refused.
  • We do not accpet the return of customized products.
  • Unless otherwise specified, our products are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. We will replace any failed components at no charge to the customers for parts or shipping.
  • Note: Consumable components (like glassware,gaskets or vacuum seals) are not covered in the 1-year warranty.

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