0.9Cu Ft 25L 480F 250°C Lab Vacuum Drying Oven Laboratory Equipment 2 Trays


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0.9Cu Ft 25L 480F 250°C Lab Vacuum Drying Oven Laboratory Equipment 2 Trays

Product Description

0.9Cu Ft 25L 480F 250°C Lab Vacuum Drying Oven Laboratory Equipment 2 Trays


The DZF-6020 is equipped with a new intelligent temperature controller which automatically selects the best PID parameter based on temperature, thus requires no human intervention in parameter setting.

This scientific vacuum drying oven is designed for drying gently with its homogeneous temperature distribution, ensuring optimal heat transfer and minimal spatial temperature variation. With the variable gain temperature controller, it could maintain +/- 1°F (0.5°C) accuracy from room temperature to 480°F (250°C).

Widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research fields.

For powder drying, stoving and disinfection and sterilization for various types of glass containers.

Particularly suitable for fast and efficient drying for articles of dry heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized substances and articles of complex components.


→ Heating element is located in the internal partitions of the box. Heating time reduces by 50% compared with traditional vacuum drying oven.

→ Large LCD screen display, able to show multi-group data. Menu-style user interface, easy to understand and operate.

→ Evenly distributed heating elements for gentle drying throughout the chamber interior and absolute temperature uniformity.

→ High performance MCU-based temperature controller with advanced PID algorithm to maintain temperature uniformity (+/- 1°F) from low temperature to 480°F (250°C).

→ Aluminum shelf stamped by special techniques, able to conduct heat fast and resist high temperature oxidation, providing maximum reduction of heat loss.

→ Rectangular chamber, ensuring maximum effective volume. Microcomputer temperature controller of accuracy and reliability.

→ Armored bulletproof double-deck glass doors makes observing objects in the working chamber more convenient. Inert gas can be filled.

→ Tightness of the door is adjustable. Integrated forming silicone rubber door gasket maintains constant vacuum level even for long-term operation.

→ Good thermal insulation of vacuum chamber for low energy consumption.

→ Easy-to-clean and heavy-duty electropolished vacuum chamber.

→ Electrical components are isolated from the inner chamber for the protection of user.

→ Stainless steel working chamber. Box shell made of high quality cold-rolled steel with electrostatic spray on surface.

→ Storage, heating, testing and drying are all carried out in environments without oxygen or with inert gas, which do not lead to oxidation.


Model: DZF-6020

Voltage: 110V 60Hz

Power: 450W

Plug: US Plug

Chamber Volume: 25L

Temperature Range: RT+10-250℃

Constant temperature fluctuation: ±1%

End Vacuum Level: <133Pa

Liner size: 300×295×275mm/ 12"×11.6"×10.8"   

Overall Size: 585×472×450mm/ 23"×18.6"×17.7"    

Package size: 700×570×540/ 27.5"×22.4"×21.2"

Gross weight: 37kg


1. Can reduce the drying temperature (low pressure, low temperature);

2. To avoid some items heating and oxidation, dust-free particles;

3. Avoid heating the air to kill biological cells.


1. The vacuum box casing must be well and effectively grounded to ensure safety.

2, the vacuum box should be placed around a certain distance, 50cm ~ 100cm.

3. The vacuum box should be used in an environment where the relative humidity is ≤ 85%, there is no corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field. Do not put perishable, flammable and explosive materials in the vacuum box.

4. The vacuum box should be placed in a well-ventilated room with no flammable or explosive materials around.

5, the vacuum pump can not work for a long period of time, so when the vacuum reaches the requirements of dry goods, the vacuum valve should be closed first, then the vacuum pump power supply should be turned off. When the vacuum is less than the requirements of the dry items, then the vacuum valve and the vacuum pump power supply are turned on, and the vacuum is continued. This will extend the life of the vacuum pump.

6. If the items to be dried are wet, it is better to add a filter between the vacuum pump and the vacuum box to prevent moisture from entering the vacuum pump and causing the vacuum pump to malfunction.

7. Dry items should be light weight and small in size (small granules) after drying. Vacuum should be added to the working chamber to prevent the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve) from being inhaled by the dry matter.

8. After the vacuum box has been used for many times, it will not be able to vacuum. In this case, the door seal should be replaced or the door buckle on the box should be adjusted to extend the distance. When the vacuum drying temperature is higher than 200 °C, slow air leakage will occur. At this time, remove the back cover of the box and loosen the heater base with an Allen key. Replace the “O” seal or tighten the heater base to solve the problem. .

9. If the rubber plug of the bleed valve is difficult to rotate, it can be coated with a proper amount of grease.

10. In addition to maintenance, the left side cover cannot be removed to avoid damage to the electrical control system.

11. The vacuum box should be kept clean at all times. Do not use the reactive chemical solution to test the door glass. Apply a soft cotton cloth.

12. If the vacuum box is not used for a long time, apply the neutral grease to the exposed plating parts to prevent corrosion, and put on the plastic film dust cover and place it in the dry room to avoid damage to the electrical components. use.

Packing List:

1 X Vacuum Drying Oven Set

1 X User Manual

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message to us before buying)


you are from other countries, the goods will be sent to you from China
by FedEx/DHL or EMS, and shipping time is about 5-7 workdays according
to your location.

offer 1-year guarantee. Within thewarranty period, all exchanges of the
products due to defects are free (Buyer is responsible for shipping

you do not receive the item(s) or item(s) suspecting to be lost in the
delivery,please let us know and we would like to refund you full money
as you paid us. 

do check everything carefully when receiving the package. Failure to do
so might result in damage to your own rights and interests; 

your item has any problems during the warranty period when you use it,
please send us an e-mail with photos or video to show the problem.

5.Replacement parts also enjoy 1-year warranty.
the item(s) sent from CHINA,there will be some import taxes,but there
will NOT be very much or sometimes may be no Customs duties; 

duties,taxes and other charge are NOT included in the item price or
freight,these charges are the buyer's responsibility;

3.Please do check with your country's custom's office about how much these additional costs will be before bidding/buying.

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Additional information



Chamber Volume


Constant temperature fluctuation


Country/Region of Manufacture


End Vacuum Level


Liner size

300×295×275mm/ 12"*11.6"*10.8"





Overall Size

585×472×450mm/ 23"*18.6"*17.7"



Temperature Range



110V 60Hz


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